Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Sugar Lollipops


Back in the summer time my daughter decided we  she should sell cookies alongside her brother's lemonade stand, and I tried to bake up something fun all while replenishing the lemonade that was like a nonstop tap out on our front lawn.  I did manage to get the cookies baked, but not before they closed up shop for the day and so to my husbands dismay he was forced (once again) to eat sugar cookies..he was really upset {what a struggle to get him to take one for the team...;)} 

They weren't the typical sugar cookies I make because the icing wouldn't have dried in time, so I made her these giant lollipop cookies {which I posted about before too here}. Round one gave me insight on what to change for my second attempt at these whimsical treats for Ethan's birthday party coming up at the end of the month.

As originally seen by guest blogger Carolyn on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, not only did she make some fun candy coloured ones she made these  really cool halloween inspired lollies!   {See...mine looks just like Carolyn's down there on the right..}

They were a match made in heaven for me because I wasn't about to break the bank buying giant candy lollies as part of the buffet spread for my son's party. Call me cheap, but after all, I'm on a budget here! 

Two batches of sugar cookie dough later, a little orange, black and white food gel and some wooden dowels I made 12 HUGE (I mean HUGE) cookies for the little munchkins that will be over for the Sweet Boo-tique party.    Yummy lolli-licking goodness without the sticky hair-stuck-to your face experience! Somewhat a passage of childhood I know, but we can do without it for the party just this once.  They'll make a perfect backdrop for Ethan's treat I just need to figure out an easy solution to make them stand up. 2 x 4 ...check.  Powerdrill....check, drill bits... check.

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