Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waist Watchers

Like many of us, I decided that I should probably drop a few pounds and what better time than the "new year" to attemp this endevour... 

"Sure!" your thinking, trouble is it's sort of counter productive when you are trying to maintain a "baking" blog.  So in all my madness I must be creative and use my imaginative juices to continue to bake up yummy calorie-wise treats that are tantilizing to the eyes. 

I introduce to you...FELT FOOD!

Devine Goodness... Sucre a la Creme

WOW! Looks like I missed the boat on this one, Christmas approached very quickly for us and I wasn't quite able to get the recipes up in time for Sucre a La Creme {...and a couple others, tee-hee).

It took me a couple of passes to finally peg down and tweak this recipe until I found {in my mind} the perfect consistency and texture.  The first one was too dry, the second one too grainy, BUT the third was perfectly perfect.