Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waist Watchers

Like many of us, I decided that I should probably drop a few pounds and what better time than the "new year" to attemp this endevour... 

"Sure!" your thinking, trouble is it's sort of counter productive when you are trying to maintain a "baking" blog.  So in all my madness I must be creative and use my imaginative juices to continue to bake up yummy calorie-wise treats that are tantilizing to the eyes. 

I introduce to you...FELT FOOD!

 It's super sweet, the kids LOVE it and it doesn't cost you anything in your little calorie counter and you can enjoy it too!  My son is a culinary guru and continuously amazes me with his "taste" in food.  We have a running list of things for me to whip up - many of which I still have to do. 

After scouring the web for some freebies that would allow me to make my own bakery shop delights for both personal use and resale I came up empty handed...that's when I decided I will make my own patterns.

I'm crafty... I can do this.
 Off to the store for a little wool felt, some batting and thread and we're on our way.

First on the agenda was a sandwich.  I drew up my own patterns and pieced it together...the outcome NOT TOO SHABBY!

Bon Appetite!

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