Monday, November 15, 2010

Monster Buffet

So, I am back....a month has past since my last post ! YIKES!  A lot has happened since then, craft show #1 {the 3 day blitz} was a HUGE success and the preparations for my son's 4th birthday party were completed and in the bag.

I took to baking up some special treats for my guy to share with his little buddies and any of their mom's who chose to stay and play. It seemed a perfect fit hosting a Little Monster Party seeing as a halloween celebration had just taken way at school on the same day. What better way for the kids to enjoy their costumes a little  bit longer. 
The transformer, the hamburger, the old western ranger...all suited up and ready for danger!
Goobly gook, and gross gumbo-
 everybody's tummies started to rumble-
To the kitchen we went to face our lunch
Who wants more ghoulish punch?