Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keeping up with SweetSugarBelle... {Yeah Right!}

Yet again I have failed to make this blog a regular part of my weekly doings.  February was a long time ago since my last post...and no there is no REAL excuse for having such a lapse in dedication to posting pictures or brief entries. 

I did have a spring craft show at the end of April to which I was preparing several pieces of felt food, donuts, lemon meringue pie, cupcakes, carrots, apples and bananas. Sandwiches, Nut-free PB & Jelly, pancakes...the list went on and on. 

Sadly, there was more play food packed to come home with me then expected following the close of the day.  Alas, I look at this in a positive light and say "I am further along in my winter craft show preparations than I am normally at this time of the year!" :)

With summer here (OMG!) my kids are now home with me 24-7 and we are in search of fun things to do...felt food is on the list as my daughter wants to open a Sweets Shoppe (for play...not for resale), as is bake YUMMY sugar cookies.

I was able to squeeze in a batch for my daughter's 7th birthday party. It was lalaloopsy themed, and so like all years past I could not refuse the opportunity to bake some take home treats for all her friends.  I scored when I found some coloring pages through a connection on Etsy and thought they would make perfect templates for cookies... and I was right!

I recently had some rare spare time to revisist and  read a chunk of The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle (a fantastic blog by a gal named Callye who I stumbled across while on Flickr checking out some amazing cookie creations) - it has come to me that I need to spend more time in my kitchen BAKING.  This gal is hard core.. I mean she says she literally bakes daily!!!! No wonder why her creations are nothing short of amazing. {You have got to check her out, SERIOUSLY - for some amazing posts and new ways to look at things in the cookie world.}

Back to my last comment... She bakes DAILY, let me spell that again; D-A-I-L-Y!  CRAZINESS I SAY (or sheer genius)! My husband would die if I had baking anything in the kitchen every day.  Plus, he would probably be about 700 lbs...  he has a weakness/ curse for sugar cookies ( I will explain later)  Guess I will just have to find another destination for my cookie creations, to support my habit.  Not sure how all the neighbours will feel when I drop in unexpectidly with cookies in hand, perhaps a better option would be my local farmers market.


  1. LOVE the LaLaLoopsy cookies! I wish I had the time and talent! Are you willing to sell and ship?

  2. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for popping in to ready my blog. I am not certain about the regulations surrounding exporting food items across the Canadian/US border...something I would need to look into. Feel free to leave me some more details about your inquiry.
    Cheers! Jolynn

  3. My link didn't work - not sure why, please email me