Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Sweet Bootique Party

Once again, I am so excited to start planning my son's birthday party...being an early November baby he has requested for the past 2 years to host a Halloween themed party. help me out in this department is one of my favorite people {and I am dead serious} Linnette from Paperglitter.  She has created a super fun new halloween line up from customizable kid currency,

 to mini milk cartons (with editable fields!)
and a complete party package...

all of which you can find in her etsy shop.

I am going to attempt to smash together two of her themes {you need to see her blog to understand what I am talking about} into one...what better than a halloween Sweet Bootique!  Firstly, my son LOVES to bake and he LOVES to dress up - we're talking about the guy who wears a bowler and chunky black rimmed glasses (3D- you never know when you might want to catch a flick) to school and packs his pirate ensemble just in case.

So, who better to host this sort of social event? Ethan {with a little help from me, his mom}.

Right now, I literally have more time than money {and I wanted to challenge myself expense wise) to see how cheap I can pull off this shindig without compromising on cuteness.

Firstly, I  had to construct the Sweet Shoppe like Linnettes

{yes, this is Linnettes! Isn't it perfect?}
{minus the super huge color print run expense for oversized graphics} so I have become one with the dollarama and picked up some foam board for  under $10 to construct Linnette's Sweet Shoppe but in halloween colors to compliment Ethan's theme.  I considered using magnetic paint for the black I could swap out the kids names...but it's Ethan's party. My daughter will get her own sweet shoppe probably in June unless she changes her mind - and she will {50 million times between now and then! Women! Sheesh!}

A little measuring, and some creative juice and I managed to doctor up the panels for all sides, top, canopy and scallops as well as the personalized sign.  I had this idea that I also wanted to try and make this thing foldable...yes, for storage or transport. The finished product definitely would not fit in my car.  So I taped the panels together on some of the seams to create a giant collapsable box! SMART right? All I had to do was wrap  and tape the panels around the base table and then attach the canopy to it at the hall I rented.  

{in theory....this should work - it's like a giant 1 piece pop up retail box}

Then, using a bunch of tempra paints I had laying around from years gone by  I rollered all the surfaces of the foam board...and they curled like crazy! Never a dull moment around here.

The intention is to make Ethan's party like an interactive event...the kids play the games or complete the activities and earn Monster Money in return.

Then, they can spend their Monster Money to "buy" their box of goodies {that they'll pick out themselves} from Ethan's storefront! I LOVE IT!!!! {here's hoping the kids will too :)}

Next phase...the completed Bootique store front pictures and my story board for the sweet treats we're going to serve up! Stay tuned.


  1. Incredible idea once again! have fun with the party Jolynn! thanks for sharing-

  2. I'd love to build something similar. What did you use for the "posts" to hold up the canopy?

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for reading. To construct the booth I used 1" thick foam insulation covered with wrapping paper (foam core board painted for the trim work) and the posts were the paper tubes from the wrapping paper. Have fun! I'd love to see your results if you are willing to share :)

  3. How did you make the monster money? CAn you share the template please?

    1. All party printables used came from, these items are for personal use only. Thanks for reading!