Friday, October 28, 2011

Spookified Jell-oOOoOo!

While trying to work towards executing Ethan's 5th birthday party as well as participate in a vendor pre-christmas sale in the same weekend, I figured I 'd better try to be nice to myself and pick things off the party "To Do" list in advance. 

As I have shared with you for the last few posts some of my ideas, putting them into actuality has been a little more difficult.  The candy corn toss game was a winner, the sweet bootique...ahh, err...let's just say it required refining... (okay, IT SUCKED!). Being a bit of a perfectionist, I have learned my lesson, and will not chince on the things that need to perform.  Thankfully,  my darling hubby has rescued me and aided me to get it done!  We did end up going the first route with using some styrofoam insulation we had downstairs (I love you honey!) instead of the el-cheap-o super skinny foamboard from the dollar store-'s built and covered (with wrapping paper none the less!) and Ethan's Sweet Bootique will be open for business come birthday time! You're going to have to wait for the grand unveiling it's sort of the main focus of the entire party.

Moving on, I have been doing some surfing and was racking my brain on things we could serve at the dessert buffet, candy corn sugar cookies, caramel candied apples, ghoulish punch, witches fingers, spider web oreos and then it hit me... when I stumbled across an old recipe for layered jello dessert.  I figured why not make it with some halloween flare...purple, green, yellow and orange; in cups that are small enough to be a good serving without over doing it.  So, I purchased 4 boxes (1 of each colour, 4 serving size package) and some plastic recyclable cups.  After getting home, I followed the quick set instructions and set out to make a four layered eye candy treat forty-five minutes at a time.  Yes, 4-T-5 minutes for EACH layer...this was very time consuming because each layer had to set before having the next poured on top of it. But WHO CARES! Because we have J-E-L-L-O!    I figured I'd spruce it up a little come party day with a dollop of whipping cream just before serving and top it off with a gummy spider, all tied up with a spoon ready for serving one cup at a time.

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