Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was featured on PaperGlitter!

Not to sound like some crazy creepy stalker type...but Linnette {over at Paperglitter} featured me, ME{shriek! - I'm so geeky!} And with this great honour she has set the stakes EXTREMELY high for me a feature in her post today she highlighted my little guy's halloween birthday party from last year! It's all good...birthdays...they happen once each the same...which means  WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER HALLOWEEN PARTY this weekend! Simmer down! I promise I will share with you once it's all done and I have fixed up my pictures.  I have been working on Ethan's concept for a while now (which you already now), prebaking a lot of the goodies because {Yes, I am crazy..but that's besides the point} I like to do all the treats myself!

...which leads us to a short story...

As if I'm really not busy enough this week (party prep takes time too!) I have double booked my weekend which has made for some VERY creative baking scheduling!  Currently on the go are some 6 or 7 dozen halloween sugar cookies (desgined be me - the ones in the picture above).  But with my own designs comes a pitfall...templates, not these puppies were all cut out using a pairing knife! When will I learn...I may actually have to get these cutters produced to speed future cookie sessions.

So far I've completed giant sugar cookie lollipops (my last post), rainbow jello cups (which I will share with you soon), eyeball cake pops, the main 8" cake...can you guess which character from Linnette's latest halloween DIY birthday kit Ethan chose?

Then, I put together some of Linnette's printables as party favors to be part of Ethan's Sweet Boo-tique {don't ask...the trials and tribulations...another story for another day} and made some money that is!

Here's a quick idea just in time fo halloween...use one of the mini baskets, add a handle and fill with crayons...then let the kids color to their hearts content!  The printables I used are available in Linnette's shop.

Time to run... the calendars running out of days and I have plans to complete, icing to be made and cookies to be decorated! More sweet treats and projects to share with you.

Until then,

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