Thursday, October 6, 2011

Candy Corn Toss - Halloween Bootique Party Game

My kind of candy corn!  Soft and squishy and ZERO calories...Ethan and I whipped this guys up today with the intention of using them for one of the games to be played at his upcoming Halloween birthday party.

 ...Meet "Candy The Corny Kitty" Bean Bag Toss...
She turned out better than I imagined :)  I just have to make sure her eyeballs and mouth will be big enough for the candy corns to fit through when thrown. {The white parts will be cut out to make holes}

We did a little shopping to get the felt (which was quite inexpensive), and all the other components we already had at home.  My expense to build this game (minus my invested time) was $2.50! WOW! YEAH!  More money I can spend somewhere else :)

You can make these easy-peasy candy corns too in less than an afternoon {uninterrupted}.

All you need is the following to make 3 candy corns:
  • 1 sheet each of : yellow, orange and white eco-fi polyester felt
  • coordinating thread (yellow & orange)
  • polyester fibre fill
  • polyester doll fill pellets {or some kind of dryed beans that can be sealed into a plastic ziplock bag to prevent absorption of moisture = icky gross moldy candy corns}
  • scissors
  • pins
  • marking pen
  • sewing machine

I eyeballed the cuts trying to keep nice clean edges after having folded the felt like a letter to be stuffed into an evelope.    Then, we repeated with the remaining two colors of felt.
Using coordinating threads, stitch to join the three strips together, forming a tri-colour sheet of candy corn felt.

I did a double seam to reinforce the edges (for added wear and tear, we're going to be throwing these things and they needed to be durable).

Happy candy corn tossing! 
Get creative with how you use your candy corns!
 They make great weighted decor too for a mantle or buffet accent.


  1. I love this game. Thank you so much! I'm already starting to plan for a Girl Scout Halloween party and this would be perfect!

  2. What did you end up making the cat out of? Cardboard and rigged it over a laundry basket maybe? Or did you get fancy and cut it out of wood?