Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yummy Vanilla Cupcakes

Over the past little while I have been on a search for new recipes and was fortunate enough to come across this one from Glorious Treats for these Fantastic CUPCAKELICIOUS vanilla cupcakes. Up until now I had never really used cake flour for any recipe simply due to availabilty in my pantry...but now I am a believer and may very well make this a staple in my baking pantry.  I have yet to try this recipe with just regular flour {because it's what we all have in our kitchens} once I do I will report to you my findings.

Upon the recommendation of my 7 year old I opted for a light cream cheese icing {not calorie counter "light", just less cream cheese}  because it's her favorite.  It was a heavenly combination, thankfully they lasted  just  long enough for me to snap a few photos in my Dollarama light box (or half a light box 'cause it only had 2 sides and a base!). You see, I do have a real soft sided photo box but with my fixed camera lens I just can't get the right distance without smacking into the sides of it's frame. So, doing what I do best...I improvised! A staple trait all mother's either just have...or need to get!  Using a couple of sheets of El cheapo  foam board I traced/cut out 3 squares about 10-12 inches square and pinned them together with sewing pins. Worked like a charm!

Anyways back to the cupcakes...They are awesome, baked up nice and even (like Gloria said they would), they were moist and had a nice texture; AND  I got to use the new cupcake liners I got at Christmas.

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 You know, Reynolds® Baked for You® StayBrite® Baking Cups?   They are foil lined self standing grease proof works of art in themselves with cute {and in some cases elegant} designs. Best part is you can find at the grocery store {and for those of you who can't wait to go shopping..order on line at the above link and then wait for your surprise package to arrive in the mail. I always love getting gifts from Me!}. No more double lining cups so you can see the design that's on them. For what you pay extra for the design is well worth it in my books. They (the cupcakes, only I care about the wrappers) were given the approval of my husband , daughter and son. So..this recipe is a keeper!  Follow the link at the top of the post to get to Gloria's page for the recipe and to test out these little bad boys for yourself, I can't imagine you'd be disappointed. Well, maybe...when the last one gets eaten.

Happy Baking!


  1. I can see that I need to spend some time when I need a smile and read more of your blog. You have a great way with words and love your ideas!

  2. Is this THEE TracyLH? AHHH! Thank-you for taking the time to stop and read/look at my stuff. We first crossed paths on cakecentral, and I was sad when you left :( Then I found you on Flickr {And I totally get and understand completely the frustration that can follow when people take without asking}. Your kind comment makes me feel happy...because it's proff my blog is doing what it was intended to do.