Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

Wow! I am actually ahead of schedule with regards to this post - as promised to you in my 2012 list of things to do {let's just hope this is a glimpse of what is still to come for timelyness for the rest of the year!}. Looking back at Carolyn from Occassional Cookies and her savy ways to reinvent the basic sugar cookie into whimsical creations I felt it my due diligence to make up heart themed lollies too to compliment her line up of Christmas trees, wreaths, pumpkins and apples etc.  and let's not forget  her Halloween themed lollies {now a close second since I made these cute hearts}.

I started out with a batch of my basic sugar cookie recipe (scroll down through the post to find it), then I divided it equally (or almost equally) and tinted each with some Wilton no taste red, pink & white (yes white) food colouring until I got my desired shades...ahhh, shades of love. How Sweet it Is!

Then I took pieces of each shade and rolled them into a log, thinned it out and twisted to get the twirly effect (yes, that is the technical term for it). Then with some creative folding I was able to make the cookie cane resemble that of a heart.  Over to the cookie sheet and in with the lollipop stick and bake at 375 until firm but not burned! Voila! Heart-shaped lollipop cookies!  Now you can try too before Valentines if you want to impress your friends or children.

Happy Baking!

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