Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Mom Seeks Job, Salary WELCOME!

Another year over, 2011 is done and gone - it's time for a fresh start...what's on the bucket list? To be quite frank I hadn't a clue about "bucket" lists until a few years ago. I don't have a formal one, perhaps I need to start because then if I have it in writing maybe I'd stay on track better and not let my mind wander so easily from idea to idea. Call it what you will, ADD, ADHD, OCD...or perhaps it's simply because of my trying to keep track of everyone's activitites and the hubbies travel schedule amidst trying to keep myself together {and the house and all it encompasses}.

I don't know about you, but everyone in my family and I mean EVERYBODY {the dog and cat included...maybe not the fish} come before whatever it is that I'd like to attempt to get done.  This evening I spent a little time reading through some of the other blogs I follow on a relatively regular basis and felt myself beginning to feel a little down - I am generally a fairly positive person, but found myself questioning what on earth did I do in 2011?  I mean I did lots of stuff in 2011. As SUPERMOM you have to, it's your daily duty to make sure EVERYTHING is completed, in order and calm is reached. My super ability is to block out unneccessary noise (aka: fighting children, nagging husbands etc.) so that my "super" duties get done...laundry, cooking, cleaning, reading books to the kids, chauffering, score-keeping, coupon clipping, grocery shopping etc...etc...etc. Just things that wouldn't strike me as BIG ticket items.

Maybe I need to dream bigger, worry less, love more and live in the moment because we never will truly know when it's over {oh my...this is taking a sombre tone}.  I discovered these, a sure fire way to cheer any woman up...Hot Pink Pumps.

While reading Bakerella's sign off for 2011 I saw a pic she posted of 2 pairs of suede pumps...and found myself saying "I need a pair of those to bake in" - like that's totally practical, but sometimes we just need something for ourselves right, with no explanation required.   I already got the pink cupcake oven mitts to match them what more reason do I need?
I have found myself feeling a little low, I think in part because the "early years" portion of my children's lives are quickly coming to a close. My daughter soon to be eight( to her and you'll see what I mean) and my son now five will be finishing up kindergarten which means next fall I will be at home all alone everyday of the week not just some days as in this year. My husband has already been asking what am I going to do once that's the case {I think he was hinting towards "when are you going to get another job"} not so much in reference to my emotional well being.

What happens if I make my own job? There we are...Number 1 on the 2012 Bucket List -

1. Make my own job, figure out what I am passionate about and follow it through ( I do love planning parties, all the details, baking and design...the invitations  - I think I'm onto something)
2. Get published (self of otherwise) - cookies vs polymer clay...hmmm that 's a toss up,maybe I better think about publishing a book of each.
3. Post on my blog in advance of the monthly festivities
4. Plan amazing birthday parties for both of my kids & other peoples kids
5. Lose some {and I use "some" liberally, because "some" is better than none} weight.
6. Buy suede pink pumps
7. Learn how to make swiss buttercream {I think I may need a Kitchenaid artisian stand mixer for this...YES! the recipe calls for one, lucky me.}
8. Develop some new recipes
9. Care about me ALWAYS
10. Stop over complicating things, simple,  is good.

I think that's a good start, I can always add to it right?  I could probably knock off number 6 this week.  Here's to an amazing year with more posts, perhaps a book or two, buttercream wonders, birthday parties and suede pink pumps.

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