Sunday, January 29, 2012

Princesses and the Frog

I've been stewing over a frog prince sketch for while now, and finally decided (since the week was slow) to give it a go with a batch of sugar cookies.  Plus, I grabbed a few new cutters the last time I was in the city and couldn't pass of the chance to make some pretty scallop edged cookies and  test out Callye's latest how to on her blog over at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle .  Fancy Lace.

After the cookies were baked (and this time i am pleased to report they per usual; minus that one off batch), I quickly set forth picking my simple colour pallet. Maybe this time I really could do more with less {plus I wouldn't have to wash out a pile of icing bags and tips, YEAH ME!} 

To complete this little collection I drafted  a list of cookies I felt lent themselves to tell a portion of the story I was trying to portray.
  • Frog Prince
  • Princess(es)
  • hearts (large and small)
  • magical stars
  • diamond ring
  • flying hearts
  • smoochable puckered lips
I didn't really want to have to do more work than I needed to for this set so I decided the princess would be iced onto a rectangle cookie (from which I baked 2 scalloped edge squares together).  The frog was hand cut from my own personal sketch as a template, basic stars and hearts and my personal favorite the diamond ring

Time to be crafty... I fused {baked} together a circle cookie with a heart cookie!

Then it was onto base icing all my cookies. Usually, I like to make my cookies appear to have a "pencil" sketch outline and have the tendancy of using black for all my borders. I stepped outside my box this time and actually did the piping with the same shade I planned flood filling them all with.

I also wanted to give a little bling to the diamonds and a few other cookies so I lightly dusted them with disco dust {fairy dust} to give them a nice little twinkle.  Bahdah boom...bahdah BLING! Pretty huh? I thought so. There was a pink one too, just in case the princess couldn't make up her mind which one to wear!

All in all, the collection turned out pretty good. I wasn't too excited with the first round of my princesses...they just didn't come out like my sketch. So I opted to wing it and free hand ice a simple doodle princess. I like her much better!

Have fun with colour! Don't be afraid to wing it!
Happy Baking!

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