Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ode to PaperGlitter

Halloween Party Kit- EDITABLE TEXT Printable PDF

Halloween is fast approaching and having said that so is my son's 4th birthday!  I live for hosting my children's parties, what a great opportunity to have fun and allow my creative juices to flow!  My life is made substantially easier though with the help of a very talented gal Linnette {Owner of}.  She's SUPER creative, and has amazingly cute original graphics designed by herself! WOW! 

Read all about her fantastic FREE printable projects on her very own blog, and if your like me you will want to purchase your own DIY copy  here so you can throw a funstastic party too with a little help from Linnette, some tape, a pair of scissors and a few full colour copies from your own printer or the local copy centre. 

The options are endless with her party sets and add ons, cute and quarky and a tonne of fun.  More to follow on this set and what I am going to do with it for Ethan's party :)

A prelude... I got Disco dust, finally!

... and sprinkles with spooky cupcake liners! 

But SERIOUSLY, back to PaperGlitter...
I admit it, I have a problem - I am addicted to Linnette's creations...

Recently, I have gone bananas for PaperGlitter's Monkey Party Kit too! Check it out here.  Available for pre-order at a discounted rate of $9.00 USD (until  Sept. 29, 2010 then it goes up to $15.00 USD).  

Linnette's so sweet, she thought she'd share her  "Let's Go Bananas!" tags FREE with all of us.  Just print them out and put them on top of my moist banana cake recipe topped with your favorite icing  for a real winning pair. YUMMY!

Happy Baking!

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  1. Thank you Jolynn :) This is a very cute entry and you gave me way to many compliments :) I will sure be hooking you up with that cupcake you wanted. Let's be in touch in a couple of week . The blog looks great--best of luck!