Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Way it All Began...

I suppose my true roots for the the desire to bake and create lie in part due to the days spent in the care of my Dad and Grandmother when I was sick from school.  If I couldn't go to it, it would come to me (or at least this is the way my father saw it).  There was never a day when we didn't bake or cook something - after all the culinary and confectionary arts were only glorified  mathematics and science lessons, just a whole lot tastier!

A labour of love was clearly illustrated by the hours my grandmother {and grandfather} would spend out in their garden tending to their plants and reaping the rewards when it was time to harvest the fresh strawberries, raspberries and vegetables which were always in abundance. 

The kitchen's aromas were a sure sign of home grown goodness, packed full of nutritous elements and TLC.  Grandma was happiest when in her kitchen, always thrilled to share in her culinary expertise with me - from egg noodles drying on the wooden rack, perogies, fresh gingerbread and pumpkin pies; there was never a shortage of opportunity to learn.

My last learned family tradition was shared amongst my grandmother (aged 83) and I in the winter of 2009  when she graciously taught me  how to make the prized Chirstmas pudding.  I had no idea it was a carrot pudding! Either did  my Dad and he's been eating it for years!  From this experience I can laugh at our afternoon spent as we managed to blend a wooden spoon in amongst the batter as we pureed the carrots. 

Live and learn!
To my Grandmother & Father, key contributors that helped me plant roots for my love of cooking and baking - thank-you!

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