Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Admit it - Less Talking, More Doing.

Lately, I find myself searching and searching for ideas on what to bake up and present here to you. Honestly it's been bothering me because I'm afraid that what I put out her has to polished and perfect, then I realized that I'm just like everyone else...I'm your "Average Jo" - literally! {Jo's my name...really}. Plus, I am still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of this Blog.

I've gotten myself into a little predicament too... I was flipping through pictures and realized that I am not who I wish I could want to be. {Superficial! You're probably thinking} I know, only I can change this. I have to want to change and  I think nows the time, heaven knows I'm not getting any younger {and my knees told me that a week ago at my weekly volleyball night}!   

We've all been there {and if you haven't... then I envy you, (or you are delusional - just saying!)}, it would be nice if the pants fit more comfortably, or the blouse looked "perkier", my nails were well manicured and my eyebrows the perfect arch. I guess it can also give us some self gratification knowing we've achieved our goal.  KEEPING the pants comfortable {without shifting to yoga pants day in and day out "because they make our buns look firm and trim } is the ultimate task though...and all this baking is hindering my attempts at getting there!  Okay, not the BAKING, the shhhh.... don't tell...the eating of the baking. I'M WEAK, FIX ME!  Sugar {and chocolate} is my kryptonite.

Don't get me wrong, I love to bake {it's the general purpose for this blog, it makes the house smell good, the kids need snacks for their lunch kits} but who am I kidding {ME! OBVIOUSLY?!} what's the saying..."a cake on the rise is weight on my thighs?"   Probably not, but it will do! I suppose it should be my daily reminder!  Besides this one I clipped from a magazine I purchased a while back...

This was the old mentality, and now it's time to flip over to a new one {and take number #5 on my resoltuions for 2012 a lot more seriously}. 

Excuses! Excuses...that's one of my problems. Just like I said in the title,
Admit it - Less Talking, More doing.

So now, I've moved onto this stage....

One step at a step at a time. There is light on the horizon ...

{"Good pep talk Jo", "thanks Jo"}

Please come back and read again, there will still be sweet treats in moderation and hopefully some healthier goodies too becauase we do need to indulge every now and again right?  ALL IN MODERATION!

So, I've been pegged...this is it. I have made it common knowledge now it's time to stick to it and LOSE IT! {The weight...along with a little sanity periodically I am sure} I CAN DO THIS!.

Wish me luck! Remind me regulary!

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