Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Season One - It's Over...all Over.

Back in February I had decided to attempt to shed some pounds and with having set forth this seemling impossible ideal for myself I have been pleasantly surprised by my results to date.  Minimal to some people but HUGE to me (if you consider what my primary hobby is - baking)  17 pounds...yep that's right, I am on the slow and steady wins the race weight loss regime. 

Why couldn't it be as easy for me as it is for him to shed the pounds...he blows his nose in a tissue and looses like 5 pounds. No not  really! Why did my metabolism have to crash after having children??? Why? WHY???  I am starting to go a little stir crazy with this because I made a deal with my darling husband ( don't get me wrong I love him dearly...but sometimes - )  He's holding me to our deal.  BAH!

What's that you are wondering?  I lose 25 lbs and I can get a new puppy.  Sounds silly...but I really needed something to focus my efforts towards.  You are also probably wondering why on earth would I not ask for something grander than a puppy like diamonds - after all they are a girls best friend - but so can a dog.

But back to the header - Season One - It's over.... all over.  No more excessive weekly baking bindges for the local farmers market to fill our house with mouth watering aromas (and looming cookies).  Maybe I can actually get my puppy in time for halloween or Thanksgiving....I may have to make a dog costume!  Oh the options!!! 

I sense some sort of pet related goodness in the near future...and pirate cookies or other as mentioned yesterday.

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