Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday September 19 - National Talk like a Pirate Day?

Really? Have you heard of such a thing???  Just by chance my son wore his "Ahoy Matey" shirt  {we found on a trip to Target this summer} which caught the eye of my neighbour.  It was she who informed me of such a day...and then a second reminder to confirm it on Moshi monsters.  Who knew!!   Now, had I been in the loop sooner I could have made up something fun to celebrate the occassion IN ADVANCE.   I guess I could go and put on my eye patch, black out some teeth and tell my wee scallywags to walk the plank before I blow! Shiver-me-timbers!! {is that right?}.  Hey I never did come in first in any races, but at least I finished them!  Pirate cookies we shall have...when? I don't know, but they will get made.

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