Friday, December 23, 2011

Holy Holly Sleighbells Santa!

Last post I mentioned I was going to take a run at the holiday lalaloopsy doll and turn her into a cookie. I think like digital scrapbooking, it's better to go big or go home when making my "graphics".  Holly turned out okay, not to my total liking but I got a smile out of my mission completed.  I snapped a picture of her to share before my husband tried to eat her with the last of our milk!  Guess I better go shopping, wouldn't want to have to leave dear old Santa high and dry.  Maybe this year he could do with a steaming hot night cap with a little extra spirit if you get what I mean?

Back to baking, one day until Christmas Eve!  Gingerbread houses to prepare for the little hands to decorate tomorrow!  Marian over at has a great video tutorial, recipe & templates for personal use in case you too want to take a run at some holiday fun.

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Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2012!

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